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keithI “converted” to PR from the restrictive practices of banking in my early 20s and since then have advocated the profession as one of the most rewarding careers out there. It’s a creative discipline first and foremost. Those who thrive are the thinkers as opposed to the autocrats. The wordsmiths not the ‘spin doctors.’

That philosophy has seen me through spells as Press Officer at National Museums Liverpool, private consultancy and as marketing manager then PR at University of Chester. More recently I gained experience on the other side of the camera working on Lost Treasures for ITV and as a mentor at the internet TV station, Wirral TV. Now a senior lecturer. in PR at Liverpool John Moores University, the circle of knowledge is being squared with new thinking. With a masters degree in Landscape History, my own specialism is the promotion of the historic landscape. I am a full Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

You never stop learning how to communicate effectively. Fast forward to 2009 and you have the main motivation for this blog. I don’t want anyone to suffer the lack of confidence or self esteem that the basic feeling of “not being wanted” bestows on a person. Many can snap out of it quickly, but let’s hope this blog can help students and anyone aiming to grow a small business survive and thrive.

A major stakeholder in Everton FC – I would have have everyone believe – I divide my time writing, family, travel and video photography. These will often creep into the blogs, so beware for gushing praise of Glenn Hughes, Steve Hackett and other talented icons. Stay clear also of any long winded recollections of being chased by the CIA in Jordan and filming rock stars in Prague and Budapest. You have been warned.
I hope you enjoy being a subcriber to Effective Media and feel free to Comment. All I’d ask is that these stay friendly and respectful.

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